Bluehost vs InMotion Hosting

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If you’re considering web hosting, you might have considered a number of different companies. Bluehost and InMotion are currently vying for customers, and in our review, we’ll discuss the features and performance of both companies.


In addition to hosting on solid state drives with SSD RAID-10 storage and extremely fast load times and reliability, Bluehost also provides a free domain name, one click installs, and secure email via IMAP and POP3. Bluehost features real time scanning and security, data caching, MYSQL Database tweaking, and builtin PHP caching — which results in much faster loading times. You also get free website migration and unlimited email accounts, site transfer gigs, and bandwidth.

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InMotion does not allow for this extremely powerful suite of features. While they do provide some features, such as unlimited bandwidth and GB for data, they don’t have the same level of speed and reliability offered by Bluehost. Comparing Bluehost vs InMotion hosting, it seems that Bluehost definitely has better features.

Templates for Your Site

In addition, Bluehost allows a number of website templates which allow you to create any site you’d like without needing a ton of prior tech experience. The company’s website builder lets you create sites on the go, whether it’s a small business page or blog.

You will also gain unrestricted FTP access, or file transfer protocol. Through FTP, you’ll be able to upload as many files as you need to your server. The unlimited aspect of FTP that’s important is that you’ll be able to discreetly access as much information as you want, while also creating as many FTP accounts as you need.

Support for Web Languages

Bluehost provides support for the latest web programming languages, including CGI, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. You will also gain SSL, which is an important security feature for encrypting critical data. CGI is a special interface that allows you to host and build dynamic sites — and then secure them through SSL.

InMotion still has a way to go. They do offer PHP and Perl support, but their security promises don’t hold up, as their hardware is ultimately weaker than Bluehost. They do not use Intel Xeon processors, or the advanced cooling technology offered through Bluehost’ servers. And for this reason, they don’t match up to Bluehost in terms of features.

Customer Support

Bluehost offers some of the best tech support on the planet. In addition to being extremely helpful and friendly, they offer 24/7 email, chat, and phone support. Their technicians are trained to actually go in and help you build your website — whether you have any prior tech experience or not.

You can also look up a number of different site hosting issues using a thorough, comprehensive database of articles offered by Bluehost. They have compiled help videos and tutorials to help you diagnose and solve problems. InMotion doesn’t offer this same wealth of customer support tutorials. However, they do have basic phone and email support, so they aren’t too far behind in that regard.

Spam and Virus Protection

Spam and virus protection is another critical aspect of web hosting, and Bluehost doesn’t disappoint. The company provides state of the art virus monitoring and spam assassin technology, ensuring that your site is kept hacker-free at all times. InMotion does offer virus protection, but lacks the important spam component of Bluehost’ package.


Bluehost hosting starts at $4 per month, for the basic plan. This is an extremely affordable price. You’ll get most of the major features offered through their service, including guaranteed uptime, support for all major web languages, and email account/unlimited bandwidth and web space. You will also receive access to cPanel and other creation systems to control your site’s features.

InMotion’s pricing is comparable, but they don’t offer the same amount of features for the cost. For this reason, they don’t come in quite as high in our ranking as Bluehost in terms of affordability.

Reliability and Refund Policy

Bluehost offers 99.99% uptime, and during a test of both web hosting providers, we found that Bluehost kept a very low latency rate while InMotion’s was higher (and therefore slower). Additionally, our site went down more frequently on InMotion’s hosting than it did using Bluehost.

The refund policy for Bluehost is a full money back guarantee if you aren’t happy, provided you ask for your money back within 30 days. It’s the same for InMotion, so both hosts are comparable on this front.

Conclusion — Bluehost Wins

In terms of pricing, affordability, reliability, and features offered, Bluehost definitely wins. Since they are also 100% eco-friendly using reliable green technology to save energy, you’ll e helping the environment when you host your website with them. Bluehost’ rating: 5/5 stars.