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Rabbit Cage Selection Tips

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Rabbits make such good pets. They are fuzzy, cute, and quiet. If you are thinking about getting a rabbit, then you should seriously consider getting a rabbit cage along with it. Rabbit cages are ideal for keeping your rabbit. They provide a comfortable habitat for your rabbit. To get the best cage for your rabbit, here are some useful rabbit cage selection tips.

Best Rabbit Cage Selection Tips

Size of the cage

When it comes to cages for rabbits, the usual thumb for cages applies here as well – the bigger cage the better it is. You have to remember that the larger area you provide your pet with, the better they will be able to live and play. Of course, real life situations stop us from being extra generous with space for pets, but there is still a minimum that you should follow. It is generally agreed upon that the cage for a single rabbit should be about four times its size. So if you are planning to have multiple rabbits, buy accordingly.

Ease of cleaning

The cages that are commonly found at local pet stores are usually way too cramped for the rabbits to comfortably live in. Also, most of them tend to have a wire mesh flooring. The reason being that a wire mesh flooring will allow all dirt and droppings to fall through them, keeping the place cleaner more efficiently. But wire mesh floorings can often be too harsh on the paws of some breeds of rabbits. As an alternative, you have use a hard plywood base with a vinyl on top of it. The plywood gives it a solid base while the vinyl is relatively easier to clean and also cheap buy and replace. However, if you want to go with the wire mesh flooring, you can at least cover it with straws to make it more comfortable. Also, do not confuse between the feed and the bedding. Straw is for bedding and the hay is for feeding, do not mix them up.

Wire Mesh

When looking at the walls of the cage, you will notice that most of them have a wire meshes. Choosing the size of the wire-mesh is very important especially if you are expecting to have baby rabbits inside the cage. Make sure that wire mesh is properly installed and that there are no sharp ends sticking out of places. This can really harm your rabbit and it might even kill them. So be very careful about this specific aspect.


The door is also very important when choosing a cage. Look if the door opens on the side to the outside so that the rabbit can come out on its own when it is playtime. If the door opens at the top, then you will have to carry the rabbit out each and every time. Usually, the door opening on the side towards the outside is considered to be better for rabbits and the best is considered to be a cage with provisions for both types of doors.